Olga Gorokhova



Персональная выставка

Экспозиция выставки «З.О.Ж.»

«Z.O.Z.» exhibition in Krokin gallery, Moscow,

ПЛАКАТ. 2018, х.м. 210х145см

«If we ask what the “female principle” is in contemporary art, there is an illustrative answer in Olga Gorkhova’s art. Certainly this is not about sublimation of this phenomenon in art but rather about it’s expressive representative.

The “Z.O.Z” abbreviation is difficult to decode. It is better not even to try and leave it as a crypto-name, which is necessary only for exhibition organizing.

The exhibition is about the author herself, who is so honest as honest a woman may be – in her unpredictable, uncompromising and extremely realistic art.»


Where: Krokin gallery, Moscow, Klimentovsky per. 9/1
When: 28 September — 28 October 2018
What: oil on canvas paintings

Тизер нового проекта «ЗОЖ» — осень 2018

Ольга Горохова. Из серии ЗОЖ. 2018. холст, масло. Courtesy Крокин галерея.
холст, масло, 2018 | oil on canvas, 2018 
Экспозиция в Крокин галерее.

— Мне кажется, что все песчинки уже упали на дно часов.
— Значит пора их перевернуть.

Цитата из фильма «Выживут только любовники» 

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